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Workshops on dance, interpretation, and body expression for women, girls, and boys in Courel.

"Corpo a Corpo" is an educational proposal by dancer Kirenia Martínez Acosta that brings contemporary dance to children and women in Courel through the stories of Novoneyra. From July 31 to September 5, dance and storytelling came together in the Courel mountains with the "Body to Body" initiative, an educational proposal by the Kirenia Danza Company to introduce this discipline to children and women. There were two free workshops held every Friday and Saturday at the CPI Uxío Novoneyra facilities, which started on July 31. On September 5, the participants staged a dance event, performing the story "Vagaface, Brumalión, and the Stone Dog," written by the Courel poet.

This educational proposal is inspired by the stories written by Uxío Novoneyra and situated by the poet in the Courel mountains: a collection, update, and communication of the memory of the language, legends, stories, and other examples of intangible heritage from his homeland to help the youngest generations integrate them as part of their culture. Kirenia Martínez transferred this spirit to her dance workshops, in which through self-care and knowledge and enjoyment of the body in free movement, she worked on these experiences of "dance storytelling and danced readings." This didactic proposal was based on the choreographer's previous experience and work on the story, a theme she explored during her artistic residency in Satriano dei Lucania (Italy) in 2019, as part of the European mobility program I-Portunus for artists.

"Body to Body" is an educational project, funded by the Xacobeo 21 Cultural Projects Fund, which is part of the tourism and cultural reactivation plan activated by the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Xunta de Galicia. The workshops took place every Friday (children) and Saturday (women) in an intensive morning schedule, and participation was free of charge.

Location: Poeta Uxío Novoneyra School, Courel, Lugo, Galicia.

Children: Lúa, Artai, Tegra, Laura, Irene, Lucía, Ainara, Paulo.

Project Director: Kirenia Martínez Acosta.

Collaborators: Uxío Novoneyra Foundation, Poeta Uxío Novoneyra School, Folgoso de Courel City Council, Nieves Neyra.

Governing Entity: Xacobeo 21 Cultural Projects Fund.

Video Editing: Paulo Fernández

Music: "Terra Moura" by Uxía.

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