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Dance Workshops in Courel.

The dancer and choreographer Kirenia Martínez once again brought dance to Courel (July - August 2021) with the project 'Ollo do Bosco,' supported by the Xacobeo 2021 Cultural Projects Fund in Galician Language. Following the success of the experience in the previous year (2020), the CPI de Seoane hosted two workshops, one aimed at women and another for boys and girls from the mountain. The initiative had the tales of Novoneyra as its initial working material.

This dance meeting with Novoneyra's words aims to collect, update, and communicate the memory of the language, legends, stories, and other examples of intangible heritage from the Courel mountains so that they become integrated as part of the local culture. People of all ages participated, including mountain residents, seasonal immigrants, as well as tourists and passersby.

The director of the Kirenia Danza Company works on these experiences of "dance storytelling and danced readings" through self-care and the knowledge and enjoyment of the body in free movement. This new didactic proposal is based on the choreographer's previous experience and work on the story, a theme she explored during her artistic residency in Satriano di Lucania (Italy) in 2019, with the European program I-Portunus for itinerant artist residencies, as well as the previous educational project "Corpo a Corpo" under the previous call.

This project combines dance, literature, and performance to create cultural audiences (children and young people, as well as women) in the rural and remote community of the UNESCO Geopark of the Courel Mountains, based on the literary heritage of the area. It also aims to promote work-life balance and provide leisure and care alternatives in the mountains.

"Ollo do Bosco" is a project supported by the second call of the Xacobeo 2021 Cultural Projects Fund for cultural creations in the Galician language, as part of the cultural reactivation plan to counteract the effects of COVID-19 by the initiative of the Secretary-General for Language Policy of the Department of Culture, Education, and University.

Collaborators in this project: CPI Uxío Novoneyra, Folgoso do Courel City Council, ANPA of Courel, Uxío Novoneyra Foundation.

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