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Camino Escena Norte: territories united by performing arts.

The Camino Escena Norte is a cultural exchange project through performing arts between Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Euskadi, and Navarra. We aim to explore the intricacies of an initiative that transcends territories and exhibition dates with the help of guests from different studios of our RNE network: Diego V. Meizoso, coordinator; Kirenia Martínez, from Kirenia Danza, participating in the Cruces program; Nacho Ortega, director of the Superior School of Dramatic Art of Asturias; Begoña García, member of ACEPAE, one of the associations of professionals and companies in performing arts driving the project; José Luis González "Poxpolo", cultural technician from Eibar, one of the involved municipalities; and Martxel Rodríguez, member of Led Silhouette, a company that will tour in the Constellations Itinerary.


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