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"Dancing a tale by Novoneyra."

"The girls from Courel worked during the summer on the staging of an unpublished text by the poet Uxío Novoneyra, in collaboration with the choreographer Kirenia Martínez and with the support of the foundation that preserves his legacy.

"The story begins: 'Brumalión wanted to make a snow statue similar to Vagaface. He had seen her only a few times, and what he remembered most was her envious gaze. But since that cannot be sculpted,' he pondered, pondered." This is how the unpublished tale titled 'Vagaface, Brumalión, and the Stone Dog' by Uxío Novoneyra begins, which the children of Courel have just brought to life under the direction of choreographer Kirenia Martínez after more than a month of work in the 'Corpo a Corpo' project, organized by the foundation that cares for the poet's legacy in Parada with the support of Xacobeo 21.

As Kirenia Martínez explained in the public showcase that took place last Saturday at the Seoane school, the project aimed to have the participants learn a tale that is related "to their culture and their way of seeing the world," she indicated. Also, with their language, rich in words to describe the shape of clouds like whimsical donkeys or the envious way of looking at them in the silence of the mountains. Ucedo desnevío, swift horses, balocos, or vougos were some of the names they encountered in the dance of a tale that revolves around the themes of fear and fascination with the distant."


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