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Escenas do Cambio 2023. The Strength and Affection of Fragility

On May 4th, precisely, 'AFECTOS' by Kirenia Danza premiered, in co-production with the Centro Coreográfico Galego. A piece that evokes great concentration and deep impression by the quartet of chameleon-like dancers. Their bodies, expressions, actions with objects, with ribbons with which we divide, measure, limit... are the result of images of situations and moments of disaffection, which cry out and highlight the need for empathy and solidarity. In Estefanía Gómez, Leodán Rodríguez, Cristian "Bal" Castro, and Kirenia Martínez, immigrants, emigrants, fugitives, exiles, extradited, but also friends, family, people, and walkers transmute. A piece that is deep affection for social justice and the finest production of humanity, which is love.


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