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The piece "Primeiro a vida", by Kirenia, can be seen in the Caixa Negra of the Lugo museum on the 12th and 13th

LED dance cycle brings a new cultural proposal to the MIHL, with the staging of Primeiro a Vida, by Kirenia, which can be seen on the 12th and 13th strong>. The area of Culture, Tourism and Language Promotion thus expands the cultural programming. The Councilor for Culture, Maite Ferreiro, explained that "we continue to program activities to fill the different spaces of the city with quality and recognized cultural proposals".

In this way, on the 12th and 13th, at the MiHL Black Box, you will be able to enjoy a new piece of movement art by Kirenia Danza. This is Primeiro a vida, a piece performed by Esther Latorre and Xoel Álvarez.

Primeiro a vida is a praise of care in which the bodies dance an old claim that demands Primeiro a Vida or Antes a Vida or Elixir a Vida, three possible translations of André Bretón's verse transformed into a motto on the ancient walls during May French The piece invites us to choose to take care of ourselves and to proclaim "Life First".

The two functions will take place on June 12 and 13 at 8 p.m. Tickets can be obtained at or at the Lugo Tourist Office free of charge, with a maximum of two per person.


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